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With hundreds of years of experience, the SoCal team has built a solid background in real estate. We can handle the development, valuations and the buying/selling of sites. More crucially, we have developed the Six Rights to Real Estate to assist us in perfecting which channel of trade and brand to set up for your property.

The Six Rights to Real Estate

At SoCal, we created the Six Rights to Real Estate to serve as a barometer for all real estate transactions. They are:

  1. The right location
  2. The right zoning
  3. The right opportunity (channel of trade)
  4. The right return on investment
  5. The right exit strategy
  6. The right back stop

Our Role in Gas Station/C-Store Real Estate

SoCal’s leadership team has personally been involved in transactions that involve acquiring markets from major oil companies at 50 cents on the dollar. We put that experience to work for our clients. Our internal team performs the initial due diligence, after which we bring in legal, accounting and environmental expertise.

We work with gas station and C-store brokers and real estate agents, as well as refineries, logistics, bulk plants and haulers. The best practices we follow include making money on every investment, having an exit strategy in place and having a plan to get your capital out of the investment as soon as possible.

Whether you are buying or selling a gas station/C-store or looking for a gas station/C-store for sale, rely on the SoCal team to be your trusted partner at every step of the way. Call us at (714) 644-9350 to learn more about working with us and how we can help you.


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