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The SoCal team has provided expert witness testimony in multiple areas of litigation, such as supply contracts, franchise and retail disputes, pricing/antitrust issues, insurance fraud, operational standards of care, class-action lawsuits and eminent domain cases. We handle all aspects of construction, as well as ADA issues and gasoline supply litigation.

Getting Consistent Results

Our qualified consultants help our clients settle their cases and get the results they deserve. Though each case is different, members of our team have served as expert witnesses in more than a dozen state and federal slip-and-fall cases at gas pumps and inside C-stores. We have also represented numerous clients in litigation regarding motor vehicle accidents, customer assaults and substance abuse by fuel station employees.

In addition, our team provided expert testimony on behalf of a woman who received third-degree burns over 20 percent of her body due to a faulty fuel nozzle at a fuel station. Among other aspects, this case involved our consultants conducting an extensive review of the gasoline pump and nozzle mechanical operation. We have also been called to offer our technical expertise for a class-action lawsuit brought against four integrated wholesale suppliers/retailers in a large geographic region.

In another notable case, the U.S. Departments of Justice and Licensing and Consumer Affairs brought us on to provide antitrust pricing consultation regarding practices of wholesale marketers in a specific market region. The SoCal team conducted an in-depth study that included recommendations, implementation and ongoing support.

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